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What if anyone could be a math person?

ow many times have you heard others say they aren’t a math person? Maybe, like me, you’ve been the one to say it. I used to think math was a language some people spoke and others didn’t. I have realized that’s not true, thanks to LABWayMath.

My seven-year-old son, Lincoln, has been coached by one of the LABWayMath team members for the past couple of months and I have to say, it’s remarkable.

They are leading him on a journey of discovery, not one of formulas and procedures. They’re teaching him how to think about math and the why behind concepts. How? For one, they got to know Lincoln from the very beginning, so they are able to use stories and examples that will interest him. And, they meet him where he is on his math journey.

Instead of feeding answers, they ask lots of questions and give opportunities for him to draw conclusions. I’m sure you’ve noticed this about yourself: If someone tells you something, you have to really work to remember what he or she said. But if you discover something for yourself, you remember it. Labway’s goal is to lead children into an understanding of math so that they become the ones with ownership of it.

“LABWay’s goal is to lead children into an understanding of math so that they become the ones with ownership of it.”

In many ways, it’s the missing piece in any math curriculum. Most curriculums teach how to follow procedures and plug numbers into formulas. Children can even do well in math without really understanding anything… for a while. My dad and I were talking about this the other day, and I asked him: “You did well in math initially and learned the procedures, but when you got to algebra what happened?” His response illustrates this point so well:

“I thought everything had a formula, and if I didn’t have a formula I couldn’t solve the problem. Therefore, when I was confronted with word problems and other problems that needed me to think about solutions, I was lost.

And instead of making A’s like I always did, I was making C’s and B’s. I wasn’t used to that. So I ended up thinking I was just too dumb to understand. But the truth is, I was never taught to think. I was taught to do what I was told to do by the formula.”

—Dr. Greg Strayer, PhD
So whether you are a math person or not, do your children have a good grasp of the why behind math concepts? If not, I highly recommend LABWayMath. When you start talking about online tutoring it sounds very expensive, but here’s the good news: LABWay has created an affordable solution because they want to see homeschoolers succeed in math. You can try it today for only $49/month.

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