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In our Great Books column, you’ll find suggested titles for preschool, elementary, and secondary students—along with a book synopsis, why you’ll want to read it, discussion questions, and related books.
“When you read a book, you are in a mind-to-mind encounter with its author, whether he lived 1000 years ago or lives today. This is the wonder of real books—all kinds of books, not only the serious and factual. Your mind grows through these encounters.”
—Dr. Ruth Beechick
Elementary School
Tale of Honor and Faith
Based on
The Legend of the Firefish
by George Bryan Polivka
“A timeless tale of the pursuit of faith and honor.”
Firefish book
Book Description:
This quest-style adventure story finds its main character, Packer Throme, pursuing faith and honor instead of fame and wealth. Packer is a poor orphan who wants to clear his father’s name and achieve independence—while helping restore his small, dying fishing village to life again.

How will he do this? He has to come up with a plan to discover how to hunt the legendary Firefish and sell the rare meat… all while winning the heart of beautiful Panna Seline.

Why You Will Want To Read This Book:
There is lots of action, travel, amazing dialogue, and powerful thoughts. This is not a fantasy or an allegory. It is a story set in a time and place that may or may not exist. These stories feature real people battling real evil, collaborating with real goodness, discovering the reality of a God who is just, good, and loving. This series is one of the most exciting, enthralling stories I have ever read. And yes, that includes Tolkien and Narnia.

Throughout the book, the characters face many challenges including betrayal, lies, poverty, and fear. But readers aren’t left with just the difficulties. They see positive qualities such as honor, truthfulness, bravery, courage, fortitude, daring, caring, and a steely resolve as the characters deal with these challenges.

Firefish books on table
Discussion Questions:
What was the lure of the Firefish? Why did Packer’s father pursue it? Why did Packer set it before him as a goal? Who helped Packer the most? Who helped him inadvertently? What kept Packer going? What keeps you going when the job seems too hard?
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